segunda-feira, 28 de abril de 2008

praise the moustache II.

'cause the blues are still number one.*

*jon spencer blues explosion, damage.
[na fotografia - jon spencer]

domingo, 27 de abril de 2008

praise the moustache I.

and I believe in some kind of path
that we can walk down, me and you.*

*nick cave, into my arms.

sábado, 26 de abril de 2008

miss in love with her own tomorrow.

it doesn't die
it just goes on
and where you will be
when you're as old as me
will you see me anymore?*

*scout niblett, wolfie.
[fotografia de joana linda]

domingo, 20 de abril de 2008

kiss me as if it was the next time.*

we will have Paris.*

*[casablanca readpatado]

quarta-feira, 9 de abril de 2008

flor à beira de um crime de couves.

carlos: what happened?

pepa: she fell asleep.

candela: so suddenly?

pepa: yes. the strangest things can happen suddenly.

paulina morales: she must turn herself in, go to jail, and let the jury decide her case.

pepa: I don't understand.

paulina morales: she's committed a crime.

pepa: her only crime was falling in love and being afraid. I'd do the same.

paulina morales: I'm sure.

sábado, 5 de abril de 2008

and I walk a space left for two.*

viver no gerúndio
ir descascando

[de pés descalços]

o fruto próximo.

*machine, yyy.
[fotografia de chooupinette].

this is the end
my friend sousa.

sexta-feira, 4 de abril de 2008